Cats Bats and Pointy Hats


The Hypnotic Gems brand of Peruvian Hand Carved figurines are imported directly from a small village in Peru where the majority of the community is employed making hundreds of thousands of these carvings per year. These charming carved animals are hand made one at a time with small dremels and they are perfect for crafts, decoration, collecting, giving as gifts, using for party favors, and for energy crystal healing.

Metaphysical Properties: Animals are often used as spirit guides to open communication from our physical plane to other planes. Soapstone helps one shed old patterns and routines to become more accepting of change. It is known to exert a calming influence and allows one to open their mind and heart to the universe.

Metaphysical Properties:
The primary chakras for soapstone are Heart, Root and Crown.
Soapstone resonates with the vibration numbers of 7 and 9.
The zodiac sign of Soapstone is Sagitarius

Please note that every piece is hand made from naturally earth mined stones and therefore no two will be exactly the same. The average size is 0.75″ to 1.25″ but due to being hand carved one at a time each piece will vary in size, shape and color. Soapstone comes in a variety of colors and each piece you receive could be teal, red, grey, yellow, off white, black, brown, blue, red, or another color shade. Due to these being a bulk item we are unable to guarantee which color will be sent for your order, and our images show multiple pieces to give some idea of a few variations but you are not getting one of the exact pieces in our images. What we are certain of is that every piece is spectacular and contains a strong positive energy that can only be found in authentic Hypnotic Gems products.