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Give your heart to your love with these incredible glass blown hearts from Poland!

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Seal your love with a beautiful glass blown infinity knot! A symbol of your infinite love!

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When I imagined having my own metaphysical shop, I knew what I appreciated in other shops and what didn’t ring true.  My shop first and foremost had to have good vibes, great juju, an open-minded atmosphere.  Our name had to be fun and represent me completely; Cats Bats and Pointy Hats was born, and the logo was developed intricately through myself and an incredible artist friend; Michael Nigro. My cat’s name is Jynx and has many attributes; iris’ and feathers coming out of her pointy hat along with a dragon and a bat.  Her magical cape holds tools of the trade.  She’s very magickal.

        I wanted a sensational shop where all of one’s senses were stimulated; touch, smell, see, taste, and hear.  That meant that everything is accessible to be sensed.  I know that many of the items will select their buyers rather than the other way around. The vibe of the shop should always be felt of being welcome and a sense of coming home to maybe new beliefs or a renewal of old ones.

        So, come in to browse and have your senses stimulated. Ask the questions you’ve always wondered about. Enjoy a cup of tea, and have a tarot reading if you like.

        Feel the magick!

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"Absolutely adore this place! I come here as often as I can to get all my holistic needs met!" -Bee Baptista
"Fantastic place to shop! Tim makes fantastic prints any way you want them and Stephanie is gifted and gives readings that are on point! Cards, crystals, Egyptian statues.... They have it!"
- Valerie Trujillo
- Laura Petracio
"Really nice, the owners are so helpful and knowledgeable. They put a very personable touch to everything in the store, so much so that we decided to get a reading done. My wife did the reading and it gave us the insite we were looking for. She LOVED it!."
- Armando Gonzalez
"What a gem for us in Northern Colorado! This store has everything! I love the witch balls, and the huge selection of tarot cards. Definitely a must see!"
- Sarina Baptista